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Dr. David Cole

President, MUSC

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Join Us!

If you’d like to be more involved in our community while also building a significant number of mutually-beneficial business relationships you’ll want to join the Mount Pleasant Business Association ASAP!


If you’d like to meet other business owners and service professionals in Mount Pleasant, there’s no better place for you to do that than by attending an MPBA networking event.

Get Involved

If you want to maximize the value of your Mount Pleasant Business Association membership make sure you serve on a committee because that’s where the real action is.

What Your Peers Say About the MPBA

John Carroll, President

“There’s simply no better place for me to meet old and new friends, host a new acquaintance or longtime client, than with the Mount Pleasant Business Association. It’s what I do and where I go to get the pulse of business in Mount Pleasant and the South Carolina Lowcountry. I get networking and much, much more; it’s the best-value business development investment I make year after year.”

John Carroll, PresidentUnlimited
Jeremy Willits, SVP

“As a longtime member of the Mount Pleasant Business Association, I have found it to be an excellent source for generating business leads.  The meeting speakers are interesting and engaging, and the members are friendly and willing to do business with their fellow members.  I would encourage any small business owner in Mount Pleasant to participate in the Association.”

Jeremy Willits, SVPAvison
Wendy Weisner, Owner

“MPBA is the place to meet other business people in the East Cooper community. Although my company provides services throughout the greater Charleston area, MPBA is the only networking organization that I have stayed in for the past six years because of the consistency and dedication of its members. MPBA works!”

Wendy Weisner, OwnerLowcountry Companions Senior
Cliff Hudson, Owner

“Our membership in the MPBA has provided us with a multitude of benefits.  Not only have we acquired many new customers and renewed previous ones, the association has provided us with the opportunity to network with a number of great advertisers and town officials as well.  We consider our membership in the MPBA to be a vital part of our marketing program.”

Cliff Hudson, OwnerHudson’s Import Service,